FBA helps you find and win new business

Some might call it “demand generation” but to sales departments around the country FBA's service is much easier to understand. We help you sell by finding new companies to sell to and developing new ways to sell.
  • Selling face-to-face

    It’s always personal.

    However well you build a sales proposal, the only way to secure business in a B2B environment is with face-to-face meetings.

    FBA equips your sales team with materials and scripts to impress your prospects, promote your key messages and secure sales.

    How FBA helps

    Selling face-to-face
  • Selling through the web

    The web can be one of your most powerful lead generation tools – or it can just be an online showcase that contributes little to your sales.

    By combining an intuitive structure, clear text and optimised search parameters, FBA will turn your website into a central part of your sales process.

    How FBA helps

    Selling through the web
  • Forbes Baxter

    Forbes Baxter Associates (FBA) supports your online and offline sales activities.

    Experience shows that sales support (marketing) activities work best as part of an integrated, coherent programme. Through our proprietary Maelstrom Model we knit your activities together to deliver long-term sales value.

    How FBA helps

    Forbes Baxter