Money-Making Marketing

When you do it right, marketing helps to set your business’ direction, attract the customers you need and protect your reputation.

Let FBA help you do marketing right.


We’re delighted that you’ve found our site. If you find our information and downloads useful, we’re doubly delighted.

Unfortunately though, we’re not open to any new business.

If you need help with websites, SEO and PPC we’d recommend you contact Ascendancy. They’re brilliant. If you need help with more general marketing, that’s trickier. We have no recommendations on that score. 



Forbes Baxter Associates help you sell. We help Sales or Marketing Directors deliver the results that are expected of them.

  • We generate more business by attracting new customers to you and by cross-selling to your existing customers.
  • We improve the visibility of your website and its ability to generate sales, leads and profile.
  • We clarify your brand identity and promote it consistently across your collateral, locations, events and online platforms.
  • We run organised, efficient events to feed your sales activities, magnify your reputation and promote your messages.
  • We transform the efficiency of your sales and marketing processes with tools such as CRM and marketing automation, shortening sales cycles and removing errors.
  • We provide the support that’s often needed by growing marketing departments, introducing a portfolio of established, efficient procedures.
  • We develop and manage programmes to boost sales, loyalty and expertise in distribution channels.
  • Finally, we provide the strategic support you need when developing new products, divisions or markets.

Unlike many agencies, we love the SME sector. We love the variety that comes with new customers, new projects and new challenges. We love the speed with which SMEs make decisions and their lack of bureaucracy. And we love the clarity of focus that comes with smaller management teams. If you’re an SME, we’re your natural partner.

Having handled marketing for a variety of business-to-business organisations since 2006, we’re well-equipped to understand your business challenges quickly and generate programmes that help you exceed your goals.