Marketing isn’t just about ‘digital’ and social media

This is the high(er) resolution version of the animation we posted on social media (ironically). Everyone has become so obsessed by digital marketing in general and social media in particular that we’ve forgotten the other dimensions of marketing that could help our businesses. The world has now reached the stage where the likes of Mark Ritson are recommending candidates to lie about their devotion to digital marketing to get a job. He was probably talking tongue-in-cheek but you can never be too sure.

Digital marketing and social media are communications channels. They’re the megaphones that amplify your message, the radio waves that take your words to your audience. If you don’t pay just as much attention to who you’re talking to, what they want and what you’re saying, you may as well shout at the clouds.

So, just as a taster, here’s an animation to show some of the other aspects of marketing. There are bound to be other elements of marketing we’ve missed out but this works as version 1…