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How can we help your website?


2020 and 2021 are going to be terrible years for the economy. But it’s important to remember that the UK economy is huge even in a recession. Lots of business will still be done. We just have to make sure that business comes our way.

So much of the UK’s metalwork is channeled through tenders and frameworks that we tend to forget the huge volume of work that sits outside them, the work that’s commissioned after somebody has Googled “steel fabrications” or “rsj”. This is the work we’ll help you capture.


Steel and Site’s profile challenge: who’s looking at you, kid?

Mangled Bogart quotes aside, if people are looking for your competitors more often than they’re looking for you, they’re going to get more business. Marketers have started calling this metric “share of search” as if the concept had never occurred to anyone else.

Here’s the problem:

Company Searches per month Share of search
REIDsteel 14.4 48%
Steelway Fensecure 13.6 27%
ECS Engineering Services 7.8 16%
Varlowe Industrial Services 11.1 22%
You 3.6 7%

What is new is the research that shows a growing share of search leads to a growing share of market a few months later. That’s why you need to move further up this table.


Steel and Site’s subject challenge

Your competitors get more traffic from… Other topics that could draw traffic to you…
structural steel fabrications EN 1090
rsj beams ISO 15614
loft conversion steels EN 287
steel fabricators ISO 9606
rsj meaning steel for staircase
spliced steel beams


How FBA can help

FBA’s expertise lies in producing content that attracts visitors to your website. We don’t redesign websites because it’s rarely the design that hurts performance. It’s the lack of valuable content.

We focus of two types of content:

  1. content that’s directly related to your business. If you offer a service, you need pages that describe it accurately and comprehensively. A short summary won’t bring people from Google. We either:
    1. improve the content you already have; or
    2. produce new content for services that have no optimised content.
  2. content that’s related to your industry. “EN 1090” and “ISO 9606” are possible examples. People regularly search for these terms. You draw people to your website if you have decent content about them.


FBA’s credentials

You’re bound to be wondering if we’re any good at generating traffic. Anyone can make claims. Here are two quick examples:

FBA helped IPU rank #1 for a key standard in its industry. It still held that position at the time of writing even though we completed our project months ago. FBA produced a cluster of pages on the ATEX standard which helps make IPU the first non-government entry for the topic.


What type of content attracts visitors?

You can’t write a short page, throw in your keywords and expect traffic to arrive. It does’t work. Google demands a series of pages with rich content. Take a look at our main SEO page to get an idea of what makes good web content.


How much does it cost?

There’s always a risk that a web project won’t deliver the results you wanted. We’re confident enough in our capabilities to share that risk. We offer a choice between standard and performance pricing.

Standard Pricing Performance Pricing
£500 per keyword £250 per keyword plus a monthly performance fee of £50 * the percentage increase in traffic traffic each month over a 12-month period (capped at £50 per month). Traffic is measured using Ubersuggest and a supplementary montly bill is issued as appropriate. Full details on performance pricing can be found here.
Performance Pricing Examples

Traffic 01-Jan: 57 hits per month
Traffic 31-Jan: 67 hits per month
Percentage increase: 17%
Performance price: £8

Traffic 01-Mar: 154 hits per month
Traffic 31-Mar: 325 hits per month
Percentage increase: 111%
Performance price: £50 (capped)

Traffic 01-Jun: 2 hits per month
Traffic 30-Jun: 25 hits per month
Percentage increase: 1,150%
Performance price: £50 (capped)

Princes include the production of web content, related datasheets, related handbooks, photo editing, etc. Prices exclude ancillary costs such as the production of videos and animations, the purchase of extra data, images or reports, the development of chatbots etc.


Personal service

You may have noticed that everything you’ve seen from FBA is utterly bespoke. This page is all about your website and your business. The mailer we sent you was all about your website and your industry. You may even have noticed that it had a stamp on it instead of one of those godawful blurry franking machine marks.

Everything FBA does is personal. We work with businesses where we speak to the people who make decisions. We don’t wait on committees and management structures. We get things done.

If you want to know more, please call Steve Baxter on 01902 544315, 07957 322756 or email me.


Steel and Site’s current performance

Here’s a quick snapshot of your website’s performance for three keywords.

structural steel fabrications
Website Traffic 145 77 31 22 16 12 9


rsj beams
Website Traffic 881 469 282 191 136 74 57 43 32 4 3


loft conversion steels
Website Traffic 79 42 25 17 8 5 3