Anonymous quote on Being Inside The Jar

This anonymous quote on Being Inside The Jar suggests our customers’ opinions of our businesses are more important than our own.

“You can’t read the label when you’re inside the jar.”

It’s a simple principle. Once you work for a company, you can’t have an objective view of how customers see that company. You have to do research. You have to ask real people ‘outside the jar’.

Then you might realise:

  • Selling your product is a high priority for you; buying it is a low priority for your customer.
  • What you think is important about your product may not be important to the customer.
  • The best outcome for your customers might be a quick sale so they can move on to other priorities.
  • They don’t want to be an expert with your products; that’s what you’re there for.
  • They can’t remember anything about your company or your products.
  • They don’t know – nor do they care – what you stand for.