Chatbot demo – so much more than text

Welcome to our chatbot demo page. We could drone on and on about what a chatbot can do. In fact, that’s what we do down below. But you’re far better off seeing it in action. That’s what this page is all about.

If it hasn’t already popped up, click on the chatbot widget (“We’re Online!”) at the bottom-left of the screen and let the fun begin.


What does this chatbot demo show?

Chatbots do far more than people expect. We normally assume they can ask questions and propose answers. Yes, they can do that. Bu they get exciting when you ask them to do more.

Chatbot capabilities have improved. As has their telephone manner.

Chatbot capabilities have improved. As has their telephone manner.

  • Direct people to specific web pages. There’s no point having a chatbot repeat information that’s already better explained on your website. Once you know what your visitor wants to know, direct them to a web page that answers the question (if you have one). Or you mght want to provide a selection of pages to choose from. They don’t even have to be on your website.
  • Direct people to useful downloads. A chatbot can’t provide the depth of information visitors could get from collateral and handbooks. If you think a handbook would be a useful answer to questions, promote it.
  • Show pictures. If you’re providing pre-sales information, it could be useful to show pictures of the products you’re selling. The thumbnail in the chat window can be zoomed to full size.
  • Show videos. Chatbots can even show videos from YouTube or your own servers. This could be great in a customer service environment where ‘how-to’ videos could be delivered in response to a visitor’s very specific questions.
  • Book appointments. You don’t want to bombard visitors with 20 questions through a chatbot. A call with a human may be a better way to answer their questions. You can book a convenient time and date through your chatbot. Not only to you give the visitor what (s)he needs, you get their contact details. This page’s chatbot demo gives you a short summary of how this works. Our brand bot ‘Bridget’ shows a comprehensive version that also collects the person’s contact details. Select:
    • “People only know a fraction of what we do”,
    • “Yes, I’ve already seen it”,
    • “Yes, I’ve already downloaded it”, then
    • “Yes, a discussion would be useful”.
  • Register for events. If they’re not ready for a direct conversation they might prefer to learn from a webinar. Because Zoho’s SalesIQ is integrated with Meetings, Zoho’s webinar platform, you can suggest available webinars. Visitors get what they want and, again, you get their contact details. Thre’s a simple version of this on this page’s chatbot example. Our brand bot ‘Bridget’ uses a version that also collects the visitor’s details. Select
    • “People aren’t aware of us”,
    • “Yes, I’ve already seen it”,
    • “Yes, I’ve already downloaded it”,
    • “No, I’m not ready for that”, then
    • “Yes, that would suit me.”
  • Switch to human operators for human chat. Remember that installing an automated chatbot also gives you the option of passing chats off to a human operator. The ‘live chat’ helpdesk functionality comes as an added bonus. There’s an option for that in this page’s chatbot demo although…
  • Get happiness and like/dislike ratings. Customer feedback is the lifeblood of a modern business. Your chatbot can collect happiness (1 to 5) ratings and like or dislike assessments to tell you how you’re doing. Great though the function is, don’t overuse it. Feedback fatigue is a real problem. So many businesses ask “how did we do?” for every aspect of their service that a backlash is inevitable.
  • Sliding scales to collect numeric data. Visitors don’t respond to sites that ask them to type answers into 27 fields. Especially when they’re using the tiny keyboard on their phone. A sliding scale makes life easier for them while still getting you the information you need. The scale doesn’t have to be numeric, as this page’s chatbot example shows.
  • Ranged sliding scale to collect spans. A ranged scale lets visitors pick a range of values such as their minimum and maximum budgets. Once again, it’s easier to use than fields that ask visitors to type in numbers. As the chatbot demo shows, the scales can contain any sort of range.
  • Single and multiple choice options collect accurate data. By providing the possible answers to a question, you make sure that the answers you collect are consistent and accurate. There’s no danger of one person typing “UK” and another “United Kingdom”. Although our chatbot example uses single-answer questions, you can have multi-select questions for those “click all that apply” moments.
  • Collect a visitor’s geographical location. As the chatbot demo shows, its incredible map function collects address information quickly and easily. The map’s display can start from a fixed point such as your office or from the visitor’s current location.