Email Automation Demo

This email automation demo shows how Zoho MarketingHub makes email marketing effective, economical and reliable.

We’ll show you:

  1. how to use scores to record how interested a person is in the emails you send them.
  2. how you can record their interest levels in lots of different topics, not just one overall ‘lead score’.
  3. how to ‘cross-sell’ a new topic to a person who’s already interested in another.
  4. how to deepen your relationship with an interested person by offering them valuable handbooks, presentations, videos (or whatever else you have).
  5. how to keep your emails relevant by only contacting people who are interested in a topic, or located in a certain town, or working in a specific industry or…

And we’ll do all of this 100% automatically. After all, you may want to see an email automation demo but we want to sink that long putt on the 14th green.

One final word. If you think email automation can help you, just imagine what marketing automation could do for you. Imagine being able to combine the information you get from email reactions with everything they do on your website.

Step One in the demo is to get your address into the demo mailing list. If you don’t want to tell us who you are – no problem. Set up a free, temporary email address at EmailOnDeck. Add your details in the form below:


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