Peter Drucker quote on Marketing

This quote about Marketing from Peter Drucker is both the bane of marketing and the reason for its existence.

“Marketing… is not a specialised activity at all. It encompasses the entire business.”

It’s a nightmare for marketers because marketing, when done well, does look like common sense. You explain a proper strategy and people will say “yes, of course that’s going to work.” If you follow a 9-point strategy each element builds upon the elements that went before it. Research, segmentation, targeting, positioning, objectives, product, pricing, communications and distribution. It looks logical.

It’s also a nightmare because it treads on toes. If non-marketers think marketing is the colouring-in or social media department, it’s no wonder they don’t want marketers anywhere near pricing decisions. But proper marketing does include pricing. And distribution. And packaging. And product development. It gets everywhere. That leaves marketers walking a thin tightrope.

On the other hand, it does make marketing a fantastic profession if you can avoid being pigeon-holed in comms.