Your Marketing Strategy Template

Thanks for requesting our template for a Sales & Marketing Strategy. This template will help you:
  • Record the results of the brand attributes survey that describes your current brand.
  • Record and summarise the results of the brand awareness survey that identifies future growth areas.
  • Summarise the market sectors that offer the best growth potential.
  • Record the purchase processes of those market sectors.
  • Record competitive pricing and comparisons.
  • Record your targets market’s goals and problems.
  • Clarify your value propositions.
  • Collate the evidence that supports those value propositions.
  • Create the messaging to promote the value propositions.
  • Decide which channels to use to promote your messages.
  • Set targets and objectives for your strategy.
  • Plan the integration between sales and marketing.
  • Incorporate old favourites your compnay might like: SWOT/TOWS, AIDA, the Ansoff matrix and the Boston Consulting Group model.

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