Marketing Troubleshooter 003B

Welcome to the latest episode of the Marketing Troubleshooter.

It’s not a proper episode this time. More of an update.

As you can see, we’ve switched to filming with green screen.

Yeah, it’s almost like we’re in the 21st century.

The reasons we’ve changed are far more mundane though. When we filmed in the meeting room we could never get the light right. The golden rule of lighting – one of them – is that you need the light in front of you so you don’t get shadows on your face. But we had two big problems.

  • The first was that I wear these goggles and that’s a problem filming anyone with bad eyesight.
  • But the bigger problem was the screen showing our slides. No matter what we did, not matter what sort of soft box we used on the lights, we always got reflections.
    The only way we could stop the reflections was when turned the lights down so low you couldn’t see me anymore. And no, that’s cruel of you to think that was an improvement.

So, here we are using green screen from now on.

You’ll see me perched in the bottom right corner and all the exciting stuff happening up there on the left.

We hope you like it.