RoMI Calculator (Return on Marketing Investment)

For those who need them, instructions are below the calculator. For those who don’t, the RoMI calculator is right at the top of the page to make it easy to use.

Notes for using the RoMI Calculator

  1. The RoMI calculator tells you how profitable a marketing activity has been. Any positive percentage is good although the higher the percentage, the better.
  2. A RoMI calculator is usually used to calculate the effectiveness of a campaign. It could also be used to judge other marketing activities such as a rebrand or launch of new collateral.
  3. The calculator compares your financial performance before the campaign began (“Normal Business”) and during the campaign (“Marketing Activity”).
  4. The RoMI calculator assumes you have revenue and costs figures. If you only have profit figures, enter ‘fake’ revenue and cost figures so the profit matches what you have i.e. if your profit was £25,000 you could enter revenue of £35,000 and costs of £10,000.
  5. The calculator does not specify a time period. You can use it to assess campaigns that last a month, a quarter or a year (or any other period).
  6. You only have to enter data into the fields with a £ sign by them. All the other fields are calculated.