Performance Pricing

Performance pricing gives you a mechanism to pay for results instead of effort. It shares a project’s financial risk between you and Forbes Baxter Associates.


Performance Pricing for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO performance is measured in traffic – the number of visitors we drive to your site for a given keyword.

Under performance pricing, you pay a smaller fee for the project work (£250 per keyword instead of £500) plus 12 monthly fees that vary according to how much extra traffic we drive to your site.

The monthly fee is calculated as follows:

  • £50 multiplied by the percentage increase in traffic in the preceding month.
    • For example, an increase from 57 to 67 visits in a month is an 17% increase in traffic.
    • The monthly fee would be £50 x 17%: £8.00.
      • Monthly fees and increases are rounded down to the nearest integer.
      • The monthly fee is capped at a maximum of £50 per keyword.
      • The minimum monthly fee per keyword is £0.
    • For example, an increase from 154 to 325 visits in a month is an 111% increase in traffic.
    • The monthly fee would be £50 x 111%: £55.50 but the cap comes into effect to limit the fee to £50.

During the 12-month project it is unlikely that there will be many big jumps in performance. The performance pricing fee will be modest most months.

The monthly fee covers all the pages created to support a keyword project i.e. the cornerstone page and the supporting pages.

Traffic from any static IP address used by Forbes Baxter Associates will be excluded from the results.


Why measure traffic instead of Google ranking?

We don’t measure performance on Google rankings because:

  • Having a high search ranking doesn’t necessarily help you – you need people to come to your site. Seeing your listing on a results page isn’t enough.
  • Google results are fickle; they change rapidly and are different for different users.
  • Google isn’t the only search engine.


If you don’t want performance pricing

The alternative to performance pricing is standard pricing. Under standard pricing you would pay a one-off fee of £500 per keyword project and there would be no follow-on fees.